Our Social Responsibilty

Aksa Energy defines its stakeholders as all persons and institutions that are affected by its business operations. Embracing a strong corporate social responsibility approach, the Company conducts its business processes and operations in consideration of their social and economic impacts on its stakeholder community. Committed to minimizing the adverse impacts of its commercial activities, the Company takes steps to monitor the possible results of those impacts. Aksa Energy also solicits the opinions and suggestions from the local population.

Aksa Energy gives priority to the economic, cultural and social needs and development of the local community wherever the Company conducts business operations. To this end, the Company focuses on local employment to meets its human resources needs. As a reflection of this approach, as of the end of 2019, the rate of the Company’s local employees is 60% in Ghana, 60% in Madagascar, 63% in Mali and 55% in Northern Cyprus. Implementing the same recruitment policy at its power plants in Turkey, Aksa Energy staffed Bolu Göynük Thermal Power Plant from the neighboring villages of Göynük.

Furthermore, Aksa Energy creates lasting value through infrastructure operations and maintenance projects that bolster the development of the local economy these regions. Complaints and requests are evaluated through feedback mechanisms that are customized for the unique needs and demands of stakeholders and local populations.