Frequently Asked Questions

In which areas does Aksa Energy operate?

Aksa Energy’s main areas of operation are generation of electrical power and sales of generated electrical power and/or capacity to its customers, along with construction, commissioning, purchasing, and rental of electrical power generation plants.

You may find detailed information about operations of Aksa Energy in our website, in 3rd Article of Articles of Association under Investor Relations.


In which stock market is Aksa Energy traded?

Our shares are traded in Borsa Istanbul (BIST) in the National Market with AKSEN ticker.

When was Aksa Energy offered to public?

Our shares were offered to public on May 21, 2010.

What is the number of shares traded on BIST?

The number of shares corresponding to the free float is 131,600,000.

What is the issued capital of Aksa Energy?

The issued capital is TRY 613,169,118.

What is the free float rate of the Company?

21.46% of Aksa Energy is offered to public.

Are there any privileged shares in Aksa Energy?

There are no privileged shares.


How long is the fiscal year of the Company?

Our fiscal year begins on 1 January and ends on 31 December.

When does Aksa Energy announce its financial reports?

Aksa Energy announces its financial reports quarterly.

How can I access financial reports of Aksa Energy?

You may access financial reports of our company and Financial Reports tab under Investor Relations on our website.

Are there any brokerage houses that monitor Aksa Energy stocks? How can I contact their analysts?

You can find them in Investor Relations page of our website under Analyst Coverage tab located under Share Performance tab.

How can I obtain the Annual Report of the Company?

You may access annual reports of our company from and Annual Reports tab under Investor Relations on our website.

How can I access Investor Presentations?

Investor presentations are prepared in English. You may find them under Presentations tab on the Investor Relations page of our website. There updated regularly.

Which department should Aksa Energy shareholders contact for their queries?

You may contact Investor Relations Department for your questions regarding shares via e-mail ( or telephone 0 216 681 00 00.

What is the Company's Dividend Distribution Policy?

Principles concerning dividend payments are regulated in item 17 of Company’s Articles of Association in detail, which can be found on our website in Investor Relations tab.

Briefly, 50% of the “distributable net profit for the relevant period” - which is calculated by deducting losses of previous years from the Company’s net profit for the period that is determined according to the provisions set forth in the Turkish Commercial Code and the Capital Market legislation and in conformity with the generally recognized accounting principles - shall be distributed in cash or as bonus shares which shall be issued by means of adding such an amount to the share capital subject to the resolution to be rendered by the General Assembly or through the use of both methods at specific rates.

The resolution on dividend distribution shall be evaluated and prepared by the Board of Directors based on the Company’s long-term strategies, financing needs, short-term financial liabilities, conditions set forth in the contracts made with creditors and the Company’s profitability; and it shall be presented to the approval of the General Assembly.

As of the accounting period of the dividend, irrespective of its issuing and acquiring dates, the annual profit shall be distributed equally to all existing shares.

With respect to announcements on dividend rights and dividend distribution, Aksa Energy complies with respective provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, Capital Market Law No. 6362, and Regulation of Dividend Distribution No. II-19.1 and other related capital market legislations. No privileges are granted in our Company's Articles of Association regarding participating in company profit.