Climate Change and Energy

Aksa Energy is well aware of its growing responsibility to develop efficient technologies and practices due to the high impact the energy industry has on global climate change.

Aksa Energy aims to improve its climate change and energy performance in accordance with its environmental sustainability approach. The Company carries out its energy management activities in compliance with its Energy Policy and ISO 50001. Aksa Energy aims to fully comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations at all locations where it operates, improves its energy production efficiency and reduce energy losses.

Aksa Energy monitors its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions based on identified objectives. Since 2015, the Company has regularly prepared Greenhouse Gas Emission Reports in order to track greenhouse gas emissions from its current power plant portfolio and presented these reports to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Aksa Energy also notifies stakeholders about its performance on greenhouse gas emissions via its sustainability reports, and GHG emission reports verified by external verification bodies.

Aksa Energy places great importance on the battle against climate change and is committed to becoming a more sustainable and responsible organization in this regard. To this end, the Company signed the Trillion Tonne Communiqué – a declaration to the world by companies demanding that measures be taken to combat climate change. Aksa Energy is proud to be signatory to The Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group’s declaration, which has over 1,000 signatories in 60 countries, advocating that immediate, new and long-lasting measures should be enforced to combat climate change.

Aksa Energy considers energy efficiency a crucial component of its environmental policy to minimize the environmental impact of its activities and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With the combined cycle power plant technology, the Company utilizes the heat of waste gas emitted during production to generate energy for internal consumption, thereby cutting its energy consumption by 10% per unit. The Company generates energy from waste heat at all of its natural gas power plants and at Northern Cyprus Kalecik Heavy Fuel Oil Power Plant. Another effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions is the use of Oxicat filters at natural gas power plants.

Aksa Energy also monitors and strives to reduce emissions other than greenhouse gases. Emissions are controlled on a real time basis through continuous emission measurement systems installed in power plants and the air emissions of domestic power plants are monitored online by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Aksa Energy focuses on employing the most efficent production methods and achieving maximum energy efficieny in its operations as part of its renewed climate change strategy. Thanks to the efficiency-enhancing projects, Aksa Energy achieved energy savings of over 280,000 MWh and natural gas savings of over 11 million m3 during the reporting period. Furthermore, the Company consistently informs all its employees, including subcontractors, through various communication tools and trainings to raise awareness about climate change and energy efficiency.