Corporate Governance Principles

Acting upon the conviction that good corporate governance is fundamental to the sustainability of companies, Aksa Energy takes the necessary steps in the field of corporate governance. The Company has always worked to the principle of abiding by the four Principles of Corporate Governance: (i) transparency, (ii) fairness, (iii) responsibility and (iv) accountability.

In addition, the Board of Directors, being aware that effective corporate management can only be sustained by corporate identity based on solid ground, has shaped Company "Ethical Principals" to make ethical behavior and high corporate management standards as part of our corporate culture. Ethical Principles require being aware of requirements and interests of all stakeholders during operations of Aksa Energy. Therefore, eliminating risks related to work ethics, guiding personnel, audit of healthy and constant operation of reporting mechanisms regarding unethical behavior, maintaining continuity of corporate culture structured on ethical values are defined as principles. In this context, Board of Directors, managers and all personnel have accepted the responsibility brought by Aksa Energy Ethical Principals and took avoiding and preventing any situation that might create conflict of interest among personal interests and Company's interests as a principle.