Company Profile


Aksa Energy is established in 1997, as a subsidiary of Kazancı Holding, which is the largest independent power producer in Turkey listed on the stock Exchange. Aksa Energy, which aimes globalization, is transformed from a local energy company into a global energy company with its power plants in the TRNC and Africa.

Aksa Energy, which performs all the power plant installation processes from project design to procurement, construction and installation with its competent technical teams, produces energy from natural gas, lignite, hydroelectric, wind and fuel oil. It realizes the operation and maintenance of its plants on its own. Aksa Energy carries its know-how abroad with the power plant constructions to the countries which have urgent energy needs and offers fast solutions with long term guaranteed sales agreements.

After KKTC, Aksa Energy, aims to grow abroad, has taken the first step into globalization in 2015. It took decisive action to take its productivity and sustainability centered operations beyond Turkish borders, with Africa as a first target. The company bolstered its presence in the African continent through contracts executed with the power plants in Ghana, Madagascar and Mali. Aksa Energy continues to evaluate other overseas investment opportunities, as well as agreements for power plant construction, operation and the guaranteed sale of the energy generated from K.KT.C, Ghana, Madagascar and Mali.

In 2010, Aksa Energy floated 21.4% of its shares on Borsa Istanbul under the ticker AKSEN. The company’s stock is also a component of the BIST 50, BIST 100 and Sustainability indices.




* Represents 2017 YE installed capacity. The company's installed capacity reached 2.211 MW as of January, 2018.